Whoever can read le Carré’s fascinating reminiscences in the original should definitely do so. His prose is exquisite and vivid. He writes of famous people he has met, the political backgrounds and cinematic “makings” of his bestsellers. Most moving and humorous of all are the incidents concerning his upper-class criminal charmeur of a father, Reggie!

A beautiful and witty novel on the subjective experience of time. Set in post-Brexit England, the narrative revolves around the unusual friendship between the young girl Elisabeth and her elderly neighbor Mr. Gluck. Smith’s playful and moving prose makes for an interesting and entertaining read.

Spannend, oft komisch und berührend erzählt Tom Cooper in seinem ersten Roman von den Bewohnern eines kleinen Südstaatenstädtchens, die nach dem Hurrikan Katrina und dem Unfall auf einer Ölplattform mit den neuen veränderten und erschwerten Bedingungen zurechtkommen müssen. Auch Wes Trench, auf der Schwelle zum Erwachsensein, braucht viel Mut, um sich für ein anderes Leben zu entscheiden. Jetzt als Taschenbuch für 12,00€ beim Ullstein Verlag.

1937 in Leningrad; a man is standing with his suitcase by the elevator in the middle of the night, waiting to be taken away. Barnes’ novel is a fictionalized account of the tragic life of soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich under Stalin. It’s about art under an oppressive system, about power and human compromise. Intriguing and well-written as always.

Williams' perhaps most ambitious fourth novel, published in 1972, deals with the life and times of Roman emperor Augustus Caesar. Ingeniously choosing the form of an epistolary novel, Williams brings the emperor to life through the eyes and voices of the people around him in such an engaging way, that it makes reading this biographical novel a real pleasure.

Smith's brilliant new novel tells the story of two girls, growing up as best friends in North West London, bonded by their dream of becoming dancers. She recounts their diverging life stories after their alienation as young adults, spanning from London to West Africa, dealing with topics such as identity, roots, friendship and music in exceptional prose.